Generating Diffs with Python

Aug 27, 2014

When managing large numbers of servers, one of the hardest problems to deal with is standard configuration drift, especially in big enterprise multi-admin environments. Over time as various sysadmins fix small issues on individual servers, the systems diverge from the standard settings that other admins expect to find on the boxes. This causes big issues down the road when trying to troubleshoot a followup issue. As system admins we all have our scripts we write to make our lives easier, and while the standard diff tool that comes with linux is great, sometimes we need a \“Pythonic\” way to do things. Enter DiffLIb

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Install Git 1.8 on RHEL 6

May 26, 2014

While PyCharm does work with the native version of Git that ships with RHEL 6.5, it does complain a lot. I also feared that something would go wrong eventually so I started looking around on updating.

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